Authentic Temple Menorah Gold Plated of 12 Tribes of Israel

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  • 11cm height X 9cm width
  • 4.33 inches height x 3.54 inches width
The Menorah
A broadly decorated menorah with symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel and the 12 Hoshen Stones (Priestly Breastplate). Each stone in the breastplate represents a Tribe. Along the branches are beautiful motifs of Jerusalem. This menorah brings many important symbols onto one object. It is definitely interesting to view and will surly be noticed.

The menorah is a seven-branched candelabra and the oldest symbol of the Judaic faith. The design of this lampstand were given by God in Exodus 25:31-40. While most menorahs do not precisely follow the instructions in Exodus, the spirit of the design is in each menorah.
"The Menorah back in times of the temple is a seven-branched lampstand used in the temple of Jerusalem.
As described in the Bible it was made of pure gold. Set by Moses and primarily a portable lamp till set in the temple.
In order to light the branches of the menorah, the purest olive oil was used. The Menorah is the symbol of the Israeli religion in ancient times and modern times.
In Exodus 25:31-40 - God instructs Moses how to form the Menorah.

In 2009 - the ruins of the most ancient synagogue - were exposed in Magdala, the place of birth Maria Magdalena, inside the ruins was a rectangular stone which has on its' surface a big carving of the seven-branched Menorah. Those carvings of the same shape as Menorah were found in Archeological sites along the years, related to the first century and on - after the fall of the second temple.
Since at those times there was no electricity, the Menorah provided light every day from sunset to dawn. Using fresh pure olive oil.
In Christianity, it is mentioned in the book of revelation - like the lamp with the seven branches to symbolize the 7 churches of Asia.
Also representing the 7 classical planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars Jupiter, and Saturn.
The Menorah symbolizes universal enlightenment.
The Menorah is also associated with the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.
In the Talmud, the Menorah is related to the miracle of light. During the war with the Greeks, the little pure oil that was left enough for 1 day - lit the menorah for whole 8 days." (you can see this description on the menorahs entrance page I copied it , its general that you can use to describe menorahs)