Powerful Healing Authentic Blessed Anointing Oil Pomegranate 250ml

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For those who spend their life in service to God, Bible Lands Treasure anointing oil is an amazing tool. Use this anointing oil to consecrate a person, place or thing to God. It can also be used as part of the church’s ministry to the sick. The infused pomegranate provides a sweet, fruity fragrance that, when used as an anointing oil, can make one feel closer to the body of the Church and as a demonstration of gladness in God’s grace. Using this oil to enhance your devotions as you feel God working through you and your belief in Him. Oil comes in a large bottle for convenience and enjoyment.

  • Produced in the Holy Land with Galilee olive oil and infused with pomegranate oil providing a sweet, fruity fragrance.
  • The Pomegranate is filled with seeds which can represent the multitudes of Believers and well as representing the gladness felt in the promise of eternal life.
  • This oil helps to connect the Believer to their faith making one feel closer to the body of the Church and can be used for any spiritual anointing purposes.
  • This anointing oil is blessed in the Holy Land by virtue of being made from botanicals grown in the soil on which Jesus walked.
  • Convenient large bottle made of sturdy plastic: 8.45 fl.oz | 250 ml