Hand Made High Design Hanukia In Color Metal Made..
Hand Made High Design Hanukia In Color Metal Made..

Hand Made High Design Hanukia In Color Metal Made.

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Hand Made High Design Hanukia In Color Metal Made

Both Side Color Design


Rinat Laor The Artist
is a graduate of the Bazalet academy of art specializing in screen art and animation.
her many works include metal cutting illustrating sketching drawing and animated movies.
in all of them an extraordiarily high level of sensitivite and techical ability are obvious.
the metal cuts she  creates for the gallery showcase her love for bright colors and dynamics.
in these works there exist expressions of the vibrant mediums of graphics and cartoons executed in a pop art style and filled captivating colorful touches of conceptual richness and color.
her metal sculptures are created through a complex process that begins with a two-dimensional drawing followed by laser cutting and hand painting or screen printing.
Rinat's  wall or table sculptures resemble painted or topographical fans that have volume and are sometimes double sided with several layers that build depth and give the effect of mobility.
she does not depict the human or animal figures she creates in purely realistic form.
they are charged with a theatricality that infuses us.
 the observers with a sense of mood.
sometimes her creations are formed by exaggerating the inique character of the figure or the sphere in which she is involved.
 sometimes by introducing a pinch of humor and irony.
her metal sculptures constitute a part of creative and vibrant trend in the western word that exists in the space that contains within it all the definition of art and design.
state of the art technology and the innovations required in accurate metal cutting and quality printing make it possible to expand the boundaries of this artistic medium and to develop it in many ways.
and indeed it is possible today to see more and more works of this kind in many art galleries throughout israel the united state germany singapore etc.
to which art gallery exports Rinat Laor's work

The artist presents Art and manufactures wall sculptures and many other elements based on laser cutting multilayer, which then are painted or printed colors exciting. Artist has developed a unique domain of this expertise attainable colorful sculptures wall made ​​of layers fineness of the metal, depending on the works of art produced by the artist.

Impressive collection of Judaica in the side wall sculptures, unique manufacturing process of the artist allows the creation of more collections in various fields. For nearly a decade, creativity and sensitivity Judaica, any time management box location on the fine line between objects and modern and colorful décor. Focusing on clean design that is colorful and lively. Judaica collection includes, among others, Menorahs, Hamsa Decorative trays Sabbath and more.

Limited Edition Decorative Candelabras Hanukkah outstanding collection of Hanukkah lamps added to the gallery in time for the holidays. This elegant collection includes a limited number of decorative Hanukkah candle holders, based on the amazing color palette typical of most of the objects produced by the artist. These special Hanukkah lamps take the form of a decorative element that can create a mood, moment Chanukah is over, to blend into the design of the house. Brightest colors of these lamps show the light, joy and lots of original house and especially the holiday table.

the artist graduate of the ceramic design department at bezalel academy of arts and design in jerusalem. during her studies she was accepted for a student exchange program in holland.where she specialized in sculpture.she later on completed a MA in fine arts at the renowned st. martins collage of art and design in london throughout her MA studies she worked as an illustrator and joined an animation company. since graduating and returning to israel she has written and illustrated many books.


height = 29.5 cm  / 11.61 inches 

width = 46.3 cm / 18.22 inches

weight 1710 grams / 3.79 Oz


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