Jerusalem Cross Pendant 925 Sterling Silver With Black Gemstones Colors

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Jerusalem Christian Cross Pendant Silver 925 With Black Gemstones Colors

comes with Silver 925 Neck Chain

made by swarovski stone

From the holyland jerusalem


1.3cm lenght x 1.3cm width

Weight 2.6 grams

The Jerusalem Cross, also known as the Crusaders Cross and the Five-Fold Cross, is comprised of Greek and Tau crosses. Four Tau crosses meet in the center creating a Greek cross. Four additional Greek crosses, one in each corner, make a total of five crosses. The symbolism of the five crosses has been explained in a variety of ways. Here are a few: The five crosses represent the five wounds Jesus received on the cross. The large center cross represents the wound in Jesus side while the four smaller crosses represent the wounds he received in his hands and feet. The large center cross represents Jesus and the four smaller crosses represent the four Gospel writers. The four smaller crosses represent the four corners of the earth to which the gospel is being taken or for which Jesus died. The five crosses represent the five nations active in the Crusades: Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The five crosses represent the five principalities of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Cross was employed as an emblem by the Crusaders. Godfrey de Bouillon, who became the first ruler of Jerusalem after it was captured from the Moslems in 1099, wore the Jerusalem Cross as his symbol. This pendent is hand-made with swarovski crystal stones. As you can see,we put a lot of thought to the blending of the colors and location of the crystals, so it will match perfectly.

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