Bible Lands Treasure Anointing Oil is a powerful tool

Introducing a remarkable 3-bottle set of anointing oils,

meticulously crafted in the Holy Land using Galilee olive oil and infused with the profound scents of the Bible. This set presents a delightful assortment of aromas, featuring a bottle each of Lily of the Valleys, Rose of Sharon, and the powerful blend of Myrrh, Frankincense, and Spikenard.

These fragrant oils act as messengers, bridging the faithful to the very origins of their belief. Suitable for various spiritual anointing purposes, they hold a unique blessing from the Holy Land, sourced from botanicals rooted in the soil Jesus once trod upon. Encased in three robust plastic bottles, each generously sized at 8.45 fl.oz | 250 ml, these oils cater to the needs of those devoted to God's service.

With the power to consecrate individuals, spaces, or objects to the divine, these oils play a vital role in the church's ministry to the sick. The Lily of the Valley oil embodies purity and repentance, inviting blessings into one's life. Meanwhile, the Rose of Sharon's symbolism of Jesus encourages reflection on His works and a desire to mirror His life. The blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Spikenard, treasured since ancient Biblical times, brings forth comfort and healing.

Experience the convenience of these ample-sized bottles as you embark on an enriched spiritual journey, elevating your connection with the divine.


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