Dead Sea Gourmet Salt

Our salts were created by nature in the Dead Sea region, the lowest place on earth and one of the ten wonders of the natural world.
The area is characterized by extreme heat and dry air, very clean, lots of sun. This unique combination produces salt enriched with 21 natural minerals, in concentrations 10 times higher than regular salt!
In Israel, the Dead Sea provides the world with many vital natural resources:
Potassium, bromine and magnesium, as well as the unique salt formed in it for hundreds of thousands of years. Residents of the Dead Sea area have learned to use salt for their seasoning and cooking needs and especially for food preservation. Of course, it was also used for trade. Throughout history, salt, and especially fine salt, has been used as a currency by merchants and is considered a valuable asset.

Salt is an ionic mineral compound essential for life. Its components, such as sodium chloride, play an important role in the human body - in the digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system and fluid regulation. Salt is as essential to the human body as water.

100% natural Dead Sea Gourmet Salt enriched with 21 natural minerals now available on our website

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