Menorahs - lamp stand symbol

Menorahs are deeply rooted within Jewish teaching and culture, tracing back to the instructions given by God to Moses for constructing the Tabernacle. The original menorahs were lampstands with seven oil lamps and were used in the Tabernacle. The seven lamps are symbolic of not only the number of perfection, which represents the perfect nature of God but also of the days of Creation and the Sabbath.

Christians have also used the menorah as a symbol of their faith, primarily due to the teachings found in Revelation concerning the seven lampstands which represent prophetic words to seven churches.

In both Judaism and Christianity, the concept of light in association with the words of God is present. Psalms and Proverbs both speak of God’s word as a lamp. And other Scriptures refer to God and His ways as being those of light rather than darkness.

Often, the menorah is associated with the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah which commemorates a time when the Temple, including the majority of the consecrated oil used in the lamps, had been desecrated. Miraculously, the little oil left lasted for eight days, long enough to make new oil for use in the Temple. The menorah used for Hanukkah today is different from those used in the Tabernacle and Temple as it has nine lights and usually uses candles rather than oil lamps. Typically, the ninth light is either set higher than the others or off to the side as it is used to light all the others. The other eight lights are set at equal heights and one is lit each night during Hanukkah.

In our shop, we carry both menorahs and nine lamp hanukkiahs. Each of them is beautifully crafted, and plated in metals such as copper, silver, bronze, and gold. We also have several hanukkiahs which are made of marble or cast stone. Whether you wish to continue the traditions of your Jewish heritage or want a strong symbol of Israel’s history in your home, we can help you find a menorah that suits your desires.


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