Powerful Healing Authentic Blessed Anointing Oil Temple 250ml

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For those who spend their life in service to God, Bible Lands Treasure Temple anointing oil is an amazing tool. This anointing oil is based on this scripture Exodus 30:23. It can be used by any Believer to consecrate surroundings and anoint Believers. This special Biblical blend is made for the express purpose so you do not have to attempt to create it yourself. The ingredients have been selected to give you the most authentic experience possible in modern times. As you use the oil you will feel God working through you and your belief in Him. Oil comes in a large bottle for convenience and enjoyment.

  • Anointing oil based on the original formula found in Exodus 30
  • Produced in the Holy Land with Galilee olive oil and Myrrh, Cassia, Cinnamon, and Sweet Cane (Calamus).
  • This beautifully scented oil is like a messenger to the Believer from the very root of the faith and can be used for any spiritual anointing purposes.
  • This anointing oil is blessed in the Holy Land by virtue of being made from botanicals grown in the soil on which Jesus walked.
  • Convenient large bottle made of sturdy plastic: 8.45 fl.oz | 250 ml

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