10 x mix Anointing Oils 12 ml.- 0.4 oz. from Jerusalem Holy bible land (10 Bottles)

10 x mix Anointing Oils 12 ml.- 0.4 oz. from Jerusalem Holy bible land (10 Bottles)


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Variety Pack of 10 Anointing Oils

These Anointing Oils are made in Israel - the Land of the Bible by local perfumers, using natural Galilee and Jerusalem Virgin Olive Oils and scented with flowers and herbs essences mentioned in the Bible and characteristic of the Holy Land.

  • Authentic Ein Gedi oil made in Israel, the land of the Bible, Using natural Galilee and Jerusalem Virgin Olive Oils, Scented with flowers and Herbs essences.

  • "Moreover the Lord spoke to Moses, saying" Also take for yourself quality spices... and you shall make from these a holy anointing oil , an ointment compounded according to The art of the perfumer ".
    It shall be a holy anointing oil"
    (Exodus 30.22-25 )


    This assortment includes 1 of each bottle of the following scents:

    • 1. Spikenard: Experience the deep and spiritual aroma of Spikenard, evoking true devotion to the Lord.
      2. Elijah: Anoint with the essence of Elijah, finding strength and connection in this biblical fragrance.
      3. Frankincense and Myrrh: A heavenly blend of Frankincense and Myrrh, symbolizing kingship and worship.
      4.  Rose of Sharon: Embrace the purity of Myrrh and the beauty of Rose of Sharon in this sacred blend.
      5. Queen Esther: Anoint with the grace and strength of Queen Esther, a symbol of courage and royalty.
      6. Frankincense: Connect with the ancient traditions using this pure Frankincense oil.
      7. Light of Jerusalem: Illuminate your spirit with the Light of Jerusalem, a sacred and divine fragrance.
      8. Frankincense and Jasmine: Discover a harmonious blend of Frankincense and Jasmine, bringing tranquility to your soul.
      9. Lily of the Valleys: Bask in the enchanting aroma of Lily of the Valleys, a metaphor for purity and reticence.
    • 10. Myrrh: Experience the timeless and sacred aroma of Myrrh, used for anointing and symbolizing devotion and healing.
    All Ein Gedi products have Ministry of Health approvals. Made in Israel.

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