Anointing Oil Balm of Gilead Fragrance 250ml.
Anointing Oil Balm of Gilead Fragrance 250ml.

Anointing Oil Balm of Gilead 250 ml. - 8.45 oz. from the Holyland Jerusalem


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**Tears of Remembrance: Anointing Oil of Contrition**

**Ingredients**: This sacred blend intertwines Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel with essential oils of Farm Grown Rose of Sharon, Balsam, and Mint.

**Balm of Gilead: A Fragrant Healing**
The Balm of Gilead, a fragrant resin prized for its medicinal properties, once journeyed from Tyre and beyond. Echoes of its presence resound in Scriptures, even as the Ishmaelites, who carried Joseph into Egyptian captivity, traded in Gilead's precious balm.

**Balsam's Golden Essence: Treasures from Trees**
Native to Gilead, the Balsam tree's bark conceals drops of liquid gold. Left undisturbed, these drops turn a gem-like golden hue. An ancient rarity, Jericho's gardens yielded a mere six or seven gallons each year, valued twice their weight in silver.

**Origins of Healing: Tears and Balsam**
Derived from the Greek "balsamon," meaning "lord of oils," the word "balm" traces back to "baal shemen" in Hebrew. These trees, also known as "boche" or weeping trees, symbolize mourning and devotion. Psalms 56 and 84 recount the preciousness of tears and the transformation of sorrow into blessings.

**Guided by Balsam: Divine Intervention**
In Second Samuel and First Chronicles, David seeks the LORD's counsel before battle. God's wisdom guides him, instructing a circumvented approach through the balsam trees. The sound of marching in the balsam tree's tops signals divine intervention, leading to victory.

**Whispers of Wisdom in the Scriptures**
Explore these verses that resonate with the oil's essence:
- Genesis 37:25
- Ezekiel 27:17
- Jeremiah 8:22
- Song of Songs 4:1, 6:13
- 2 Samuel 5:22-25
- 1 Chronicles 14:10-17
- James 5:14

**A Profound Offering: Anointing with Meaning**
This sacred blend carries the legacy of tears, healing, and divine guidance. As you anoint, remember that tears and a contrite heart are eternally acknowledged by God.

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