Menorah decorated with leaves with a shiny brass finish /8 inches - 20cm

Menorah decorated with leaves with a shiny brass finish /8 inches - 20cm


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Experience the timeless elegance of The Menorah, a magnificent tribute to the majestic menorah standing outside the Israeli Parliament. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stunning piece features a brass base lavishly plated with precious metal, radiating opulence and grandeur.

Symbolizing the harmonious interplay between the light of Torah and the wisdom of secular knowledge, The Menorah carries a profound message. It emphasizes that belief forms the central pillar, foundation, and essence of all worldly wisdom, fostering a holistic approach to enlightenment and understanding.

As Judaism's oldest symbol, The Menorah holds a revered place in history. Once gracing the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, it has captivated the hearts and minds of diverse communities for three millennia. From Jews, Samaritans, Evangelistic and Devout Christians, to Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews, and Freemasons, it continues to inspire and illuminate, transcending boundaries and fostering spiritual connection.

Behold the resplendent Gold Plated Knesset Menorah, paying homage to the magnificent menorah adorning the Israel house of parliament, The Knesset. Its large hexagonal base is adorned with artistic renditions of the Old City of Jerusalem, evoking a sense of awe and reverence. The word 'Jerusalem' delicately graces its design, symbolizing the eternal bond between this sacred city and The Menorah.

Crafted with unwavering craftsmanship, this solid and substantial menorah stands as a testament to enduring strength and enduring beauty. Its base, meticulously fashioned from brass, is adorned with a high-quality precious metal plating, infusing it with unparalleled radiance and elegance.

Embrace the symbolism and legacy of The Menorah, an emblem of the modern State of Israel and an enduring symbol of Jewish identity since ancient times. Invite its radiant presence into your home or present it as a cherished gift to commemorate special occasions. Let The Menorah kindle a sense of spirituality and grace, illuminating your surroundings with its timeless splendor.

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