Large Menorah Gold & Silver Plated from Holy Land Jerusalem H/47 x W/33 cm

Large Menorah Gold & Silver Plated from Holy Land Jerusalem H/47 x W/33 cm


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                              Elegant Menorah with Historical Significance

**A Symbol of Legacy and Light**

This elegant menorah boasts an ornamental stem and graceful branches that will enhance any room's decor. Cast in brass with a high-quality precious metal plating finish, it exudes sophistication. Its substantial presence guarantees it will capture attention for all the right reasons.

**Ancient Symbol, Timeless Fascination**

Judaism's oldest symbol, the Menorah, once illuminated the Holy Temple of Jerusalem and has captivated hearts and minds across faiths for three millennia. From Jews, Samaritans, and Evangelistic Christians to devout believers and Freemasons, it continues to shine its light of fascination.

**Spiritual Significance Across Faiths**

As described in the Bible, the Menorah was crafted from pure gold and set by Moses. Initially a portable lamp, it found its home in the temple. The purest olive oil was used to light its branches, making it a symbol of ancient and modern Israeli religion.

**Universal Light and Enlightenment**

Carvings of the Menorah shape have been discovered in archeological sites related to the first century and beyond, showcasing its universal importance. Symbolizing enlightenment, it represents the 7 churches of Asia in the Book of Revelation and the 7 classical planets.

**Hanukkah and Beyond**

The Menorah holds special significance in Hanukkah celebrations and is associated with the miracle of light. In times of old, the meager oil supply lasted for 8 days, lighting the way against adversity.

Experience the elegance and historical depth of our ornate Menorah. Beyond its captivating design, it carries a rich legacy that spans cultures, faiths, and generations.

- 47.0 cm height x 33.0 cm width
- Weight: 4.800 kg

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