Gold and Silver Religious Necklace With Pendant with Hebrew BIBLE Quote

Gold and Silver Religious Necklace With Pendant with Hebrew BIBLE Quote #93


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Own a unique piece of religious jewelry handmade in Israel. Our jewelry is Hand made from Sterling Silver combined with 9K Gold.

This beautiful and meaningful Necklaces can be made with one of the four inscriptions:
Different stones can be used in the necklace such as garnets, white zirconia, Turquoise, Onyx and more.

* אני לדודי ודודי לי- Ani Ledodi Udodi Li- I am My Beloved's and my Beloved is Mine- which is found in the Book of Psalms written by King David- some explain these words to mean we should use our life to better ourselves and that in turn will better the world.

* יברכך השם וישמרך - Yevarechecha Hashem Vyishmarecha- God will bless you and protect you- which is found one of the five books of the Torah- Numbers. God told Moses to have Aharon and all the Priests bless the people with this prayer.

* שמע ישראל ה אלוקינו ה אחד - Shema Israel Hashem Elokenu Hashem Echad - "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One." which is found in Deuteronomy 6:4.

* גם זה יעבור - Gam Zeh Yavor- This shall also pass

*כי מלאכיו יצוה לך לשמרך בכל דרכיך - The Angels of God will Protect You in All of your Ways
- This is found in Tehillim, the book of Psalms written by King David.

Pendant - 2.5 CM x 1.5 CM / 1 inch x 0.6 inch

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