Hamsa Hand Wall Hanging Evil Eye Kabbalah Luck New Ceramics from holy land

Hamsa Hand Wall Hanging Evil Eye Kabbalah Luck New Ceramics from holy land


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**Elegant Blessing in Hamsa Design: Handcrafted by Nurit**

Discover the profound beauty of the **Hamsa Large Hand Blessing**, meticulously designed by the skilled artisan, Nurit Teva. Born into a lineage spanning four generations in Israel, Nurit's creations reflect her artistic legacy and passion for ceramics.

**Artistry Born of Tradition**

Nurit's journey began amidst the charm of Tel Aviv's historic "Neve Tzedek" neighborhood. She honed her skills during a four-year art education at Wizo France High School. Over the past three decades, Nurit has shaped authentic ceramic art, an embodiment of her creativity and dedication.

**A Union of Art and Life**

Partnered with Moshe, a former army professional turned studio marketing director, Nurit balances her artistic pursuits with family life. Their trio of children forms the heart of their home.

**Unveiling the Journey**

Nurit's artistic voyage commenced at "Williams House," nestled near Eilat. Here, she crafted captivating wall decorations from the copper mines' natural clay in Timnah. As time progressed, Nurit's focus shifted to authentic ceramic Hamsas, gaining recognition through the "Maskit" gallery chain, renowned for championing original Israeli art.

**A Melange of Inspiration**

Nurit's serene studio, set in Moshav Ben-Shemen, embraces the rustic aura of the ancient Roman road to Jerusalem. Her artistry is infused with Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Spanish influences, beautifully harmonizing oriental motifs and modern aesthetics.

**A Distinctive Craft**

Nurit's signature style is a testament to her innovation, blending smooth and textured surfaces with a juxtaposition of natural hues and glaze coating. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, undergoing high-temperature kiln firing at 1100 degrees Celsius.

**A Tapestry of Creations**

While renowned for her Hamsas, Nurit's repertoire includes clocks, Mezuzah houses, owls, trays, candle holders, and more. Her ever-evolving collection reflects her evolving creativity and the possibility of custom orders.


- **Height:** 40cm
- **Width:** 15cm

Nurit's artistry graces prestigious galleries worldwide, including a cherished creation presented to President Clinton, now displayed with honor in the White House. Nurit's masterpiece resonates with a rich heritage and an enduring commitment to timeless craftsmanship.

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