Large Temple Menorah Gold Plated From Holy Land Jerusalem 35.4″ / 90 cm

Large Temple Menorah Gold Plated From Holy Land Jerusalem 35.4″ / 90 cm


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**Discover Sacred Beauty: Temple Menorah in Gold Plated**

Enrich your spiritual journey with the exquisite Temple Menorah in Gold Plated, sourced from the Holy Land Jerusalem. Standing tall at 35.4 inches (90cm), this magnificent piece is not just a decoration but a profound symbol of faith and history.

**Symbolism of the Menorah:**

The Menorah, a seven-branched lampstand, was a central fixture in the ancient Temple of Jerusalem. Crafted from pure gold and set by Moses, it held deep significance. The purest olive oil illuminated its branches, making it a symbol of Israel's ancient and modern religion. The Menorah's design and importance are described in Exodus 25:31-40.

**A Link to Ancient Heritage: Universal Enlightenment:**

Representing universal enlightenment, the Menorah is not only a symbol of Jewish heritage but also resonates with Christianity. Mentioned in the Book of Revelation, it symbolizes the seven churches of Asia and the seven classical planets. The Menorah's light is a testament to the miracle of endurance and faith.

**Celebrate the Journey:**

Experience the rich tapestry of history and spirituality with the Temple Menorah. Its radiant glow is a reminder of the enduring light that guides us through both darkness and joy. Illuminate your faith, celebrations, and connection to the Holy Land with this treasured artifact.

**Dimensions and Weight:**

- Weight: Approximately 4.5-5 kilograms
- Dimensions: 90 cm x 50 cm

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