Jerusalem Goliath Menorah Gold Plated from the Holy Land 8.7″ / 22cm
Jerusalem Goliath Menorah Gold Plated from the Holy Land 8.7″ / 22cm

Jerusalem Goliath Menorah Gold Plated from the Holy Land 8.7″ / 22cm


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- **Timeless Elegance: Antique-Style Classic Menorah**
- A Menorah with an antique style, featuring a Star of David design, radiates enduring beauty and historical significance.
- Crafted to emulate generations-old designs, antique-style Menorahs infuse Hanukkah celebrations with nostalgia and authenticity.

- **Symbolism in Design: Traditional Structure**
- The classic Menorah design showcases a central stem with six branches, symbolizing the eight-day miracle of temple oil.
- Each branch holds a candle, while the central one, often distinct in placement, holds the Shamash, the guiding light.

- **Artistry of Eras Past: Ornate Embellishments**
- Antique-style Menorahs showcase intricate details and ornate embellishments, reflecting the craftsmanship of their respective eras.
- Engraved patterns, filigree work, and intricate metal crafting add elegance and character to the piece.

- **Icon of Unity: Star of David**
- The antique-style Menorah prominently features the Star of David, two interlocking equilateral triangles symbolizing unity and connection to God.
- Also known as the Shield of David or Magen David, this emblem holds deep historical and religious significance.

- **Selecting with Care: Material and Authenticity**
- When choosing an antique-style Menorah with the Star of David, consider material, condition, and provenance.
- Materials like brass, silver, or bronze offer distinct aesthetics. Prioritize authenticity and quality for historical value.

- **A Tribute to Heritage: Enhancing Rituals**
- Introducing a classic Menorah with antique flair and the Star of David to Hanukkah celebrations enhances the ritual's beauty.
- It forges a connection to the Jewish faith's rich heritage, symbolizing resilience and commitment to identity and values.

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