Large Authentic Menorah Gold Plated Candle Holder from Jerusalem 22.4″ / 57cm

Large Authentic Menorah Gold Plated Candle Holder from Jerusalem 22.4″ / 57cm


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                         **Exquisite Large Gold-Plated Menorah from Jerusalem**

57.0 cm height x 40.0 cm width
Weight: 6.7 kilograms

**A Symbol of Legacy and Light**

The Menorah, Judaism's oldest symbol, once graced the Holy Temple of Jerusalem and has captivated hearts and minds across faiths for three millennia. From Jews, Samaritans, and Evangelistic Christians to devout believers in various denominations, this icon holds fascination and illumination.

**A Timeless Emblem of Faith**

Described in the Bible, the Menorah was crafted from pure gold, a masterpiece set by Moses. Initially a portable lamp, it eventually found its place in the temple. To kindle its branches, the purest olive oil was employed, embodying the symbol of ancient and modern Israeli religion.

**Spiritual Significance Across Faiths**

In Exodus 25:31-40, God instructs Moses in crafting the Menorah. Carvings of the same shape were found in archeological sites related to the first century and beyond, signifying the Menorah's universal significance.

**Universal Light and Enlightenment**

The Menorah symbolizes universal enlightenment, representing the 7 classical planets and the 7 churches of Asia in Christianity's Book of Revelation. In Jewish tradition, it holds a special place in Hanukkah celebrations, embodying the miracle of light that illuminated 8 days with just a day's worth of oil.

Experience the profound legacy and universal symbolism of the Menorah with our exquisite gold-plated rendition from Jerusalem. Illuminate your space with its historical and spiritual radiance, connecting you to centuries of faith and tradition.

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Timothy Miller
Very Beautiful.

Stunningly beautiful, with great quality. It also holds two sizes of candles. The finish is so bright, sunglasses may be needed! Shalom, thank you, it is so nice.