Lot Of 8 x Anointing Oil 12 ml. - 0.4 oz. From Holy land Jerusalem

Lot Of 8 x Anointing Oil 12 ml. - 0.4 oz. From Holy land Jerusalem


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 - Unlock the Divine Essence of the Holy Land! 🌟

 - Experience a sacred journey with our carefully crafted Anointing Oils, capturing the essence of the Holy Land.

 - Eight bottles with 12 ml of pure anointing oil, skillfully made in Israel, blending Galilee and Jerusalem Virgin Olive Oils with biblical flowers and herbs.

 -  Embody the sacred scripture of Exodus 30:22-25 with Ein Gedi Anointing Oils, delivering a truly holy experience.

 -  Create a sacred atmosphere during prayers, rituals, and anointing ceremonies with 8 unique scents in one pack.

 -  Compact and convenient bottles ensure easy use and storage, perfect for on-the-go spiritual practices.

 -  Approved by the Ministry of Health, rest assured of the highest quality and authenticity.

 -  Immerse yourself in a spiritual journey, connecting to the profound heritage of the Bible.

 -  Don't miss this extraordinary offer! Experience the divine in every drop. Limited stock, act fast! 

the set include:

1. Rose of Sharon: Fragrant and symbolic, evoking the beauty of the Holy Land.
2. Myrrh: Traditional and sacred, connecting to ancient biblical rituals.
3. Frankincense, Myrrh, and Spikenard: A harmonious blend of biblical scents, spiritually enriching.
4. Spikenard: Exotic and luxurious, symbolizing devotion and love.
5. Light of Jerusalem: Illuminating and divine, enhancing your sacred rituals.
6. Lily of The Valleys: Delicate and pure, invoking a sense of spiritual renewal.
7. Frankincense: Sacred and aromatic, used in spiritual practices for centuries.
8. Frankincense and Jasmin: A captivating fusion of scents, elevating your spiritual experience.

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