Silver Torah Scroll &
Silver Torah Scroll &

Silver Torah Scroll 'Light of Jerusalem' Anointing Oil from Israel


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**Timeless Aromas Preserved: Ein Gedi's Biblical Anointing Oils**

Rediscover the ancient art of perfumery with Ein Gedi's Bible-inspired anointing oils. Crafted by local perfumers, these oils embody the scents of biblical times, steeped in tradition and history. Infused with virgin olive oil and extracts from plants and flowers like Myrrh, Frankincense, Spikenard, Rose of Sharon, and Lily of the Valleys, they evoke the aromas of ancient rituals.

**Key Features:**
- **Biblical Fragrances:** Immerse yourself in the fragrances of Myrrh, Frankincense, Spikenard, Rose of Sharon, and Lily of the Valleys, connecting you to the past.
- **Timeless Craftsmanship:** Inspired by ancient perfume bottles found in Holy Land archaeological sites, each bottle carries the essence of history.
- **Divine Presentation:** Encased in a gold metal-coated glass bottle, this TORAH anointing oil radiates Jerusalem's light and blessings.

Containing 27 ml (0.9 fl.oz.) of original anointing oil, this luxurious bottle is accompanied by a lavish gift package, making it a treasure-worthy gift.

**Authenticity Assured:**
Endorsed by the Israeli Ministry of Health, this anointing oil is proudly made in Israel, a testament to its quality and authenticity. Reconnect with ancient scents and traditions, infusing your life with the profound fragrances of the past.

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