Menorah Gold Plated Candle Holder Judaica 11.8 ″ / 30 cm

Menorah Gold Plated Candle Holder Judaica 11.8 ″ / 30 cm


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  • 30.0 cm height X 26.0 cm width
  • Weight: 1.350 kg

The Menorah
Four metal options in this plated menorah designed with elegant 'knops' as describes in Exodus 25:31-36.Exodus 25 describes how the first menorah should be designed. Since then the menorah has been in constant use by the Judaic faith resulting in many different designed.. One of the prominent design elements mentioned in Exodus is the 'knop' -- an ornamental knob on a glass or candelabra -- and is this menorah's central design feature.

All the branches and the stem have variations on the knop, making for a lovely large menorah for your home or worship space.
"The Menorah back in times of the temple is a seven-branched lampstand used in the temple of Jerusalem.
In order to light the branches of the menorah, the purest olive oil was used. The Menorah is the symbol of the Israeli religion in ancient times and modern times.
In Exodus 25:31-40 - God instructs Moses how to form the Menorah.

The Menorah is also associated with the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.
In the Talmud, the Menorah is related to the miracle of light. During the war with the Greeks, the little pure oil that was left enough for 1 day - lit the menorah for whole 8 days." (you can see this description on the menorahs entrance page I copied it , its general that you can use to describe menorahs).

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