Menorah Gold & Silver Plated Star of David From Holy Land Jerusalem 11.8″ / 30 cm

Menorah Gold & Silver Plated Star of David From Holy Land Jerusalem 11.8″ / 30 cm


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  • 30 cm height X 20 width

  • weight : 750 gram.

Introducing our exquisite Messianic Menorah, a captivating symbol that beautifully combines the Grafted In symbol with the traditional menorah design. Crafted with precision and plated in precious metal over a sturdy brass foundation, this Menorah is a true work of art.

The unique design cleverly utilizes the branches of the menorah to form the top of the Messianic symbol, representing the unity of Jewish and Messianic faiths. The stem takes the form of the Star of David and the Fish of Yeshua, completing the symbolic representation.

With its rich historical significance, the Menorah holds deep meaning for both ancient and modern times. In biblical accounts, it was crafted from pure gold and used in the temple of Jerusalem. Today, it serves as a powerful emblem of Israeli religion and heritage.

This stunning Menorah carries the essence of universal enlightenment and is also connected to the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. In the Talmud, it represents the miracle of light, where a small amount of oil miraculously burned for eight days during the war with the Greeks. 

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