The Bible Book In Hebrew - English Old Testament. Hebrew/English Soft Cover
The Bible Book In Hebrew - English - Spring Nahal

The Bible Book In Hebrew - English Old Testament. Hebrew/English Soft Cover


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Introducing the Old Testament Bible, a sacred text that brings together Hebrew and English translations side by side for a comprehensive understanding.

- Also known as the Jewish Bible, the Old Testament holds immense significance in religious and historical contexts. In Hebrew, it is referred to as The Tanakh.
- The Hebrew portion of the Old Testament is meticulously written in the Masoretic Text, recognized worldwide as the authoritative version of the Tanakh.
- The Tanakh is divided into three sections, each serving a unique purpose:
- Torah, meaning "Teaching," includes the Five Books of Moses, providing foundational guidance for Jewish life.
- Nevi'im, meaning "Prophets," presents prophetic writings that offer insights into divine messages and the lives of ancient prophets.
- Ketuvim, meaning "Writings," encompasses various poetic and wisdom literature, historical accounts, and other sacred writings.
- By presenting both Hebrew and English translations side by side, this Old Testament Bible allows readers to explore the original Hebrew text while simultaneously comprehending its meaning in English.
- Delve into the profound wisdom, spiritual teachings, and historical narratives of the Old Testament through this remarkable dual-language edition, offering a valuable resource for scholars, religious practitioners, and those seeking a deeper understanding of biblical texts.

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