The Birds Menorah in High Design Hanukkah Color Metal Made From Jerusalem - Spring Nahal
The Birds Menorah in High Design Hanukkah Color Metal Made From Jerusalem - Spring Nahal

The Birds Menorah in High Design Hanukkah Color Metal Made From Jerusalem

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 The Birds Menorah in High Design Hanukia

 Metal Made From Jerusalem

Marina Zlochin's The Artist
metal cuts have their origins in and are developed from the worlds of graphics and illustration her speciallist field for many years.
metal cutting as an artistic medium has transformed illustration into three-dimensional work with volume and depth similar to sculpture expanding and enriching possibilities of artistic expression within the medium.
Marina Zlochin prints her illustrations onto metal cuts using a lively broad-ranging color palette intricately decorated with spirals and unique designs.
her chosen subject matter is rich and varied.
including everyday scenarios in the lives of women-cafe mettings and the shopping culture.
her Wishing Tree incorporates elements from judaism.
to which she imparts a new fresh look while still acknowledging their original function.
for example a HAMSA or a series of Hannukiot whose base is formed by palm tree branches.
a small girl may swinging from them or a mother hanging out laundry on them.
while a littel boy flies a kite birds build nests and a beautiful hoopoe alights above.
Marina's works deliver a strong and naive and sometimes groteque artistic tecniques.
they are highly professional bright and extravagant and are filled with vitality and a possitive outlook.

















                                                                                                          40cm Height x 35cm Width

                                                                                 16 x 17.5 inches                                         

















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