The "Avnei Hoshen" pendant in silver, with the names angels, studded with the twelve stones of the breastplate

The "Avnei Hoshen" pendant in silver, with the names angels, studded with the twelve stones of the breastplate


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**"Shekinah" Pendant with Star of David A.L.D. in Silver and Gold**

Elevate your style and spirituality with the captivating **"Shekinah"** pendant, beautifully crafted in a harmonious blend of silver and gold. The centerpiece showcases a gold Star of David A.L.D., infusing a sense of divine connection.


- The pendant boasts an enchanting silver design, measuring 19 mm, crowned by the radiant gold Star of David A.L.D.
- The pendant bears a meaningful inscription: **"Michael to my right, Gabriel to my left, Uriel in front of me, Raphael behind me, and God's presence above me!"** This verse envelops the wearer in the blessings and divine presence of angels and God across all spheres of life.
- This prayer is designed to channel the protective and benevolent energies of angels and the Almighty, fostering well-being and harmony.
- This prayer is especially recommended for the preservation of health and vitality, embracing both physical and spiritual wellness.

**Angelic Guidance:**

In ancient times, angels were dispatched by the supreme creator to illuminate and guide our forebears with timeless wisdom. Each angel is endowed with a distinct name and embodies specific virtues:

- **Michael:** The angel of grace and spirit, offering divine support.
- **Gabriel:** The angel of valor and fire, igniting courage within us.
- **Raphael:** The angel of mercy and medicine, bestowing healing and compassion.
- **Uriel:** The angel of light and wisdom, illuminating our path.
- **Hasdiel:** The angel of grace, spreading benevolence.
- **Zedekiel:** The angel of justice, upholding fairness and righteousness.

**Wear this pendant as a reminder of divine guidance and the sacred presence that accompanies you throughout life's journey.**

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